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Magnetic Bug Net Door

A magnetic bug net door is an excellent way to keep insects out of your home, while still allowing light to pass through. This device uses 26 strong magnets to completely close the door, making it easier to operate. The solid magnetic strips also help seal it tightly, preventing insects from sneaking through. You can use this to close and open your door hands-free, making it a perfect choice for busy households. If you’re worried about pests or are simply trying to save money, this product could be a great option.

The Magnetic Bug Screen Doorway is a great way to keep bugs and other outdoor pests out of your home. The magnetic door allows you to open the door with ease, and it also self-seals behind you when you are finished. Because the magnetic screen door is enclosed in a heavy-duty magnet, it will remain shut in even the strongest winds. This product is great for homes with children or pets. It will keep bugs out all year round and prevent them from entering.

Using a magnetic bug net door can protect your home from gnats and other insects. The door itself is made of durable fiberglass mesh, and the magnetic strips will prevent any bugs from getting through. This product also comes with mounting hardware that makes installation a snap. Magnetic bug net doors are great for decks, patios, and French doors. They are also perfect for campers and holiday vacationers. You can also use them for other outdoor applications.

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